The World to Come

The World To Come

Book by Kate Douglas, music & lyrics by Hannah Epperson

The search for answers – through God, through order - is part of what makes us human. But what comes after knowledge? If space is the ‘final frontier’ – what is beyond that? Is it something we will try to explain with science, with mysticism or both? And if science provides the answers to these questions, will we be prepared to accept them? These questions are at the heart of THE WORLD TO COME.

The play centers on Marianne, a physics professor in a small town in Midwest America in the late 1980’s. Marianne’s life changes forever when she suddenly begins receiving messages that she cannot explain through automatic writing from The World to Come, a planet on the other side of a black hole. These messages turn to prophecies, and despite her initial reluctance, Marianne is pushed to questions beyond what science can answer.